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Little Red Riding Hood - Short Bedtime Stories

Little Red Riding Hood's grandmother got ill. She needs to take the cake which her mommy cooked for grandma to grandma's house. But the big bad wolf is waiting for her in the forest. Although she promised her mother not to talk to strangers, Little Red Riding hood talked to the bad wolf and the bad wolf showed her the wrong way. Than the bad wolf ran to grandma's house and locked her in the wardrobe and started waiting for Little Red Riding Hood to eat her.

When she came to grandmothers house wolf was waiting for her in grandmothers dress.

"Grandma, what big eyes you have got?"

"All the better to see you with"

"Grandma, what big ears you have got?"

"All the better to hear you with"

"Oh grandma, what a big mouth you have got"

"All the better to eat you with!"

can she survive the fight and save her grandma? Lets watch till the end and see together.

And don't talk to strangers

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