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subject and object pronouns ingilizce zamirler konusu

subject and object pronouns ingilizce eğitim şahıs zamirleri nesne zamirleri pronouns zamir nedir ingilizce zamirler zamir ı you he she it we you they me you him her it us you them ı am a doctor you are lazy student you sleep a lot john kissed her give it to me please the politician lied to us marry didn't invite them exercise object pronouns subject pronouns do you want some coffee? no ı don't like it do you like cats? ı love them where are you? ı can't see you listen to me ı have something to tell you don't ask me ı don't know whe have some books the books are for us My mum loves my brother and me. She loves us My husband and I went to Amsterdam last summer. We both think it's a wonderful city. Jimmy is bad at physics. I'm very good at it. They don't like fish. What about you, Henry? I don't think the shop is open. it usually closes at 6.00 Fill in the blank with the “Subject pronouns and Object pronouns” I have to go. If anyone phones, please tell .them..........I'm out.Neither my sister nor ....ı....... have been to New York.Can you remind to buy some tea when we go out? Paul is on holiday. I received a letter from ...him........ Yesterday. Jenny, there's someone on the phone for you! 'What do ..they...... want?' He and I were right, but no one believed Fill in the blank with the "Object pronouns" Paul is my best friend. He always helps me with my homework. Although Tony is my brother, I never play football with ...him...... We go to the club every Saturday. Do you want to Anna and Meg are my sisters. I always take .....them...... to the zoo on Sundays. I have a writing machine but I never use because it's very old. Fill in the blanks with Object pronouns as shown in example I see (Paul) on the bus every day him Alain usually sits near This house belongs to Do you understand . I write to Lise is waiting for Denise likes Put ingilizce eğitim yasin perik zamirler konusu