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ingilizce Indefinite article konu anlatımı a ve an kullanımı ingilizce eğitim

Indefinite articles konu anlatımı,a pencil,a book,a teacher,an apple,an engineer,a house,an inspector,an animal,a window,an orange juice,a student,an english,a stranger,a bird an animal,a clever,four times a day,an hour,a nice,a crazy,a lot of,a couple of,a headache,a nice,an elephant,an awful,an honest,a university,a handsome,a cute,an hour,a happy,a mammoth animal,exercise indefinite articles,the denstist,he door,a mistake,a problem,the floor, the book, a job,a small,the moon,a singer,the centre of,a day,a teacher,an hour,the sun,the middle of a doctor,a minute,an author,the end of,the world,the back ofa picture,an interesting,an incredible,the end of,an excellent,the sink,a theatre,a bank clerk,an end,a book,a musician,an interesting,a nice day,the book,a picnic,the way,the