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Apostrophe, genitive -s (Iyelik) konu anlatımı

Apostrophe, genitive -s (Iyelik) konu anlatımı apostrophe of Brown's sister's manager's cat's tail paintings doctor's surgery cat's bowl brother's hat uncle's horse man's name ingilizce eğitim father's name Tekil bir kişi adı yada isimden sonra gelen iyelik eki Sue's bag çoğul ise ve -s ile bitiyorsa parents' flat girls' bedroom İsim çoğul ise ama -s ile bitmiyorsa 's gelir children's coats men's toilets Paul's car cansız varlıklar İngilizce "of" kelimesinin The garden of the house The flowers of the garden The colour of the flowers The door of a house woman's house house of that woman The girls' room Men's jobs The sailors' boat father's dog parents' house Bordeaux cause of the problem back of the car capital of Spain Madrid roof of that built friends ' cotta America 's future lady 's little dog What's the name When is Bridg's Which is Julian's favourite team When is the end of the programme When is your manager's car the population the world the door the garage a feeling disappointment the owner the car a decision husband the boy the story a day work the back the house hour morning son boys parents Men